Announcing the 2015 Spooktacular + Looking for your Help + a Giveaway

If you've been with me since I was back at my original blog you might know about the feature I held last year that was all about YA horror/thriller novels.  Being a fan of all this scary and nightmare-inducing I decided that I would continue the event this year with a few minor changes that you can check out below!  But first to introduce the event itself;

I love the horror/thriller genre.  I'm constantly in search of new books and movies that are supposed to scare the crap out of me, and since October is the month of Halloween what better time to spotlight YA novels that fall into that category?  The answer is there is no better time, so starting next month I'll run a series of interviews with authors who have books that fit into that category, but with a few differences, which I have posted below.

  • Only authors with novels published in 2015 will be asked to participate.  And that means initial releases, not re-releases in paperback. Last year I also asked authors with novels published the next year too.
  • There will not be an interview every week day.  That was just too many authors and it left no time for me to do anything else on the blog, like reviews.
  • You guys get to pick some of the authors! Or at least suggest which ones I reach out to, seeing as I can't guarantee they will say yes.

So there you have it.  Now onto the most important part of this post, which is having you guys choose some authors!  Below is a giveaway to entice you all to suggest/vote on authors!  Someone who suggests/vote on authors will win a copy of a YA horror/thriller novel that I've read and recently enjoyed.  Don't worry though, I'll make sure it's not one you've read before.  All you have to do is fill out the google-doc, you can either just use the poll or you can also suggest an author I may have missed.  The giveaway will be international and run for a week until the 21st.  Once it's finished I'll see which authors you guys are most interested in.  The top authors I will ask for interviews. 

I've already asked several authors for interviews but I'm not going to tell you who because I'm interested in who YOU guys are interested in seeing interviews from.  So have at it!

*Please note that the author(s) you suggest have to have books out THIS YEAR (2015) although if it's not out yet that's okay.

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  1. Hey Anna!

    I have a few suggestions. All Month9Books authors. Ryan Bradford and O'Dell Hutichson. If you want to interview them email me and I can set it up :)