I'm Back, I Think!

Hey, Everyone!  I have no idea how many of you are still with me, probably not a lot of you, but hopefully a few.  According to the blogger...whatever it is, the last time I posted a review was over a year ago, which is pretty crazy.  I've actually still been reading and I've been writing some "mini reviews" for a local indie bookstore, but my blogging has fallen pretty far to the wayside because I've just been so busy with school.  I transitioned from community college to...University? That sounds kinda British but it's not like I am now going to college, I was in college before, it's just that now instead of being at a community college I'm at a local University.  Anyway, this last year I've been not only a full-time student but also working on adjusting to the classes at the school, because while the effort and time involved is pretty much the same the focus isn't so much on making sure we learn as it is to get rid of the weak.  That kind of makes it sound like I'm in some weird Hunger Games/Game of Thrones mash-up school, but in reality the classes I was taking are used to filter out people who aren't cut out to be in certain majors (even though I'm already in mine), so the grading scale is rather frustrating.  
I'm finally done with all of my gen-ed requirements and my major pre-recs though, so from now on, I'll only be in school part time, which leaves more time for me to read and to actually BLOG about the books I'm reading.  We'll see how that ends up going, but as of right now I'm saying that I'm (hopefully) back, and while you might not get reviews every week, I hope there will be one every two weeks or so (at least) and my plan is to post some cool interviews and giveaways to fill the gaps. Thanks again to everyone who is still here, and I hope you'll continue to stay with me in the days/weeks to come!

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